If before everything was “not so clear”, it was possible to argue about “who is right and who is wrong”, then after February 24 everything became absolutely clear: Russia wants to destroy Ukrainians as a nation. They want there to be no such nationality as Ukrainians.

Thats all. The point of no return has been passed. This is a break in all relations between Ukraine and Russia for many generations. This is a failure between nations. Abyss. This is Putin’s fatal mistake. Ukrainians will never forgive this.

For 2 months, Russia has been bombing all regions of Ukraine with all available weapons. Rockets, Iskanders, calibers. Artillery, aviation, tanks, helicopters. Thousands of dead civilians, completely destroyed cities (Volnovakha, Mariupol). At the same time, the Russian military arrange executions, rapes, robberies and beatings (Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Borodyanka ..). These are just savages who do not consider Ukrainians to be people. The Russian army constantly arranges provocations and blames Ukrainians for them (Kramatorsk), constantly threatens with chemical weapons…

21st century. The world is watching the destruction of Ukrainians online… European politicians are trying to balance on two chairs, as they depend on Russian oil and gas. That is, Russia is blackmailing the whole of Europe…

Why did Putin start the war in Ukraine?

Under the pretext of “denazification”. What does it mean? In fact, Putin and his entourage decided to invade a foreign independent country in order to kill those people who they do not like for some fictitious reasons, for national reasons, for their views..

Isn’t that fascism?

In addition, thousands of Ukrainians have already been deported to various “deaf” regions of Russia. What is it? Stalin returned?

Further, the Russian side constantly changed the reasons for the invasion of Ukraine, but they were no less absurd: demilitarization, protection of Donbass, now they say they are fighting against NATO and are going to build a land corridor to Crimea.

It’s just a seizure of foreign lands. An occupation. Everything is like in the 39th year..

The people of Russia, for the most part, support Putin, not knowing the truth, drugged by propaganda from the TV. At the same time, Putin also threatens the whole world with nuclear missiles.

Russia is a terrorist country.

If world leaders do not take effective measures, Ukraine and Ukrainians will soon be destroyed