News site X news

Made a news website Xnews – Creating a news site that generates income can be quite a challenge, as it requires detailed planning, market and audience research, constant content updates and business model development. Here are some steps that can help make a news site that generates income:

Website of a child psychologist

Zrobili website Psychologist in Oleksandriya A child psychologist is engaged in the development of behavior and emotions of children with the method of ensuring their mental health and development. The work of a child psychologist helps in helping children from different age groups with a variety of problems associated…


We made a website for JSC “ENERGY COMPANY OF UKRAINE” – The Energy Company of Ukraine is a key player in the country’s energy sector. It provides energy to millions of people, enterprises and organizations in all regions of Ukraine. The company produces, transports and distributes electricity, as well…

Quadro Ua

Completed work on the website of the public organization “Quadro Ua” The company organizes events, parties, shows and competitions with ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles and motorcycles. A short laconic site, only important information, services, a contact form and nothing more.