We made a website for JSC “ENERGY COMPANY OF UKRAINE” – ecu.gov.ua. The Energy Company of Ukraine is a key player in the country’s energy sector. It provides energy to millions of people, enterprises and organizations in all regions of Ukraine. The company produces, transports and distributes electricity, as well as provides gas supply services.

Ukraine has significant potential for the production of renewable energy, and the Energy Company of Ukraine is actively developing projects in this direction. In addition, it is working to modernize its power plants and networks to ensure efficient and cost-effective power generation and improve customer service.

One of the challenges faced by the energy company of Ukraine is the lack of resources necessary for the production of electricity and gas. Ukraine depends on the import of energy resources, which leads to high electricity prices for the population and enterprises. Therefore, the energy company of Ukraine is actively working to reduce dependence on imports and increase energy efficiency in the country.