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We have many years of experience in the web field. We had to face a wide variety of tasks. It will take a lot of time to put all our work on this site, so we will focus only on a few. As for services, we will single out the following:


We are engaged in the creation of websites of any complexity: business card site, catalog site, online store, landing-page


Any adjustments to the site, as well as filling the site with unique texts


We’ll come up with the design of your logo and, based on this, create the corporate identity of your company


Let’s create and configure contextual advertising on Google, as well as advertising your company or products on social networks Facebook, Instagram

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How this or that site was created, on which platforms, which modules were used, what were the nuances and much, much more

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Why Russia is a fascist state: 14 arguments
Lawrence W. Britt, an international businessman, political scientist, and writer, published an article in 2003, Fascism, Anyone?, listing 14 signs of fascism. Here is what he writes: “German and Italian fascism form the historical models that define this perverted political worldview. And although they no...
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Russia is actively plundering the Ukrainian territories it has managed to occupy
Absolutely everything is taken out of there - from cars left on the streets and in the yards, to equipment from the seized factories, from scrap metal to grain. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky during his speech at the Asian Security Summit "Shangri-La...
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2 months of war: the destruction of the Ukrainian nation
If before everything was "not so clear", it was possible to argue about "who is right and who is wrong", then after February 24 everything became absolutely clear: Russia wants to destroy Ukrainians as a nation. They want there to be no such nationality as...
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Russia is destroying Ukrainians. Citizens of the Russian Federation are silent …
What is happening in Ukraine now? It's very simple: just like Hitler once, vilely, at night, while everyone was sleeping, Russia attacked Ukraine. Cruise missiles from Russia, Belarus and Crimea flew to dozens of locations throughout Ukraine, hitting objects that Putin and his gang saw...
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Quadro Ua
Completed work on the website of the public organization "Quadro Ua" quadro.org.ua. The company organizes events, parties, shows and competitions with ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles and motorcycles. A short laconic site, only important information, services, a contact form and nothing more.
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“BONS” – property appraisal
We made a website for "BONS", which provides services of property valuation, property rights, investment consulting and related legal services. Nothing superfluous, maximum information. Discreet serious site for serious people :) Does your business already have a website? If not, we will help!
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